JUNE 11, 2018

Dear Friends,
We are in the information age. The too much information age. We have so so many tools to gather information. The issue is to sort out fact from fiction. To sort out what is important for you. I suppose you need a good filter to sort it all out. The filter has to come from you. A built-in intuition that gives you a nudge when you hear something. Gossip is another way our minds are cluttered with garbage. In the computer it is spam. We have had spam long before we have had the internet. The New Moon in Gemini is time to observe what you think and how your thoughts create your reality. In this time of restructuring you need to check on your habitual ways of thinking about your life. This New Moon is a good time to open up to what is new and what you need to learn. No gossip during this lunation. Wasting time with that waters down what you want to create. The next New Moon is on July 12th and it is a Solar Eclipse in Cancer. This New Moon in Gemini is when you set your intentions for that Solar Eclipse.

A NEW MOON WILL OCCUR ON JUNE 13, 2018 at 3:42 PM EDT at  22 degrees GEMINI 43 minutes.

Gemini is the sign of the Zodiac that rules everything in our life that is taken for granted. The siblings that we were born to begin our life with. The attitude we develop from early on in our life. The neighborhood and our neighbors; so, the people you see every day along the way. All tools of communication and transportation which help you get from one place to another in your day to day life. Gemini is everything that is right under your nose. This New Moon is focusing on those things. Do you need to learn something new?
The Planet Mercury is the ruler of Gemini; and therefore, is the ruler of this lunation. Mercury is in Cancer focusing our attention on what we need to know to improve our living conditions. Mercury is in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn helping us improve our communication through response from others. Saturn matures and improves through our professional pursuits. Mercury is also favorable to Uranus in Taurus giving us a unique perspective on what is important for our security. Settle in and behave. The summer offers us the opportunity to take care of what is important. This New Moon has Venus sitting at the end of Cancer. There is a letting go and moving on that may be indicated with what your next step is. You may be finished with something. Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn and it is favorable to Uranus in Taurus. You are taking some steps toward a change in your goals. This takes a while. Mars is slowing down to go retrograde on the 26th in Aquarius. This New Moon will bring your attention to who and what you associate with as a reflection of who you are. Mars in Aquarius is joined with the South Node of the Moon. Things from the past are released. Mars goes retrograde on the 26th still with the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius and continues with the south node until the end of September. Mars goes direct on August 27th. Keep is simple and patience is necessary. Cleaning up what has been buried from the past gives the freedom you need to move forward.


This is a symbol of potentiality caught and held through an initial and effective appreciation, here dramatized by man’s capacity for giving each nascent possibility of character a chance to prove itself. The human soul is a consistent manifestation of its own special genius from the very beginning, and the individual first finds himself in the early and transcendental perspectives off immaturity. The keyword is ELEVATION. When positive the degree is an unconditioned creativity exalted to the point of complete freedom from any immediate involvement, and when negative, psychological witlessness and a false sense of release from responsibility.            “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.
Blessings, Brenda
 All times are for EST time and when appropriate EDT.