Archive 2

JUNE 4, 2020

Dear Friends,
Education!!! Releasing what has built up from the past. Clearing it all up through exposing what is no longer relevant. Understanding what is no longer true.Truth! What is true and what is not! Exploration, adventure, and education. Discovery! Finding answers! Solutions! Truth and wisdom. This is not only a Full Moon it is a Lunar Eclipse that has influence for 6 months. Also, it is the first of a series of Eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius in 2021 and 2022. We have had Eclipses the last couple of years in Cancer and Capricorn which goes along with the restructuring and changes that have been taking place in our personal lives and livelihood. On the 21st of June a Solar Eclipse at zero Cancer then July 5th the last Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Things are changing and ultimately for the better. This Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is promising a better future. We are paying attention as we move forward to establish a better set of conditions. Understanding what is necessary to move forward safely with knowledge and understanding is brought about by this Lunar Eclipse.


THE SIGN SAGITTARIUS:    Travel, education, religion, philosophy, and higher aspirations. Looking to the future. Optimism and friendliness. Independence is strong.  Need for freedom and space. This sign brings restlessness and a desire for sports and adventure. Their zeal for the truth makes them blurt out just what they are thinking. Here is where we search for the meaning of life. This sign rules the hips, thighs and sciatic nerve. This sign offers experiences, which encourage you to look ahead. Here, your needs are vast; your thirst for a social direction is intense, and with this expanded outlook comes a new philosophy toward life and its meaning. In the house of Sagittarius, the future beckons. You need to look ahead, broaden your horizons, and seek out experiences, which cultivate wisdom.

At the time of this Full Moon, Jupiter is in Capricorn joined with Pluto. This intensifies what we need to know. Capricorn is all about structure and responsibility. The Sagittarius area of your chart will show where that restructuring is taking place. The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is favorable to Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Mars and Neptune are revealing what has been hidden.  Mars and Neptune are square to this Lunar Eclipse.  As we move forward it is time to understand what we can’t see. Deeply repressed issues are coming to the surface to be released. Cleaning house, in a way, to clear the way. Moving forward one day at a time. Venus is retrograde in Gemini revealing deep feelings and what you value. The Sun at 15 degrees Gemini, the Moon at 15 degrees Sagittarius and Mars at 15 degrees Pisces. A mutable T-square. There is some work to be done. The T-square releases its energy into Virgo. Adapting and adjusting to what is needed. Work issues and health issues are the focal point. Pay attention to what comes up for you. You will learn a lot about yourself.

This is a symbol of the spirit’s demand for its full share in the privileges and rewards of human society, and of the individual’s realization that his personal interests are served only as he maintains an unceasing vigilance in his own behalf. There is a continual and wholly impersonal give-and-take in every phase of life’s over-all economy, so that what loses its usefulness in one respect will gain an immediate high potentiality in another. Moreover, what man fails to claim definitely for himself is promptly surrendered to the devices of someone else. The keyword is ALERTNESS. When positive, the degree is a gift for recognizing every opportunity at hand, and when negative, aimless expectation.                    “Sabian Symbols” Marc Edmund Jones.    
    All times are for EST time and when appropriate EDT.